What We Know About Piracy

Report on Piracy
HMS Monmouth’s Boarding Team Approach a Dhow in the Arabian Gulf. Photo: Will Haigh, Defence Images.

What We Know About Piracy is the first in a series of reports on Transnational Organised Crime at Sea. The project is a collaboration between the SafeSeas Network, based at the Universities of Bristol (UK) and Copenhagen (Denmark) and the One Earth Future Foundation’s Stable Seas program.

The research project Transnational Organised Crime at Sea: New Evidence for Better Responses, is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) as part of UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security Research (PaCCS) and the One Earth Future Foundation.

This paper provides the first systematic overview of how data on piracy and armed robbery is collected, what information on piracy is available, and which organizations are analyzing these data.

The paper endeavors to address how different organizations define, categorize, quantify, and analyze piracy. What common themes and issues can we identify? Who collects data and how? How accessible is the data? Where do we lack data? What are the blind spots?

Read the full report on piracy and learn more about its findings.

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