Webinar: Do We Have the Right Data for Fighting Maritime Piracy?

webinar data maritime piracy
Photo: Cryptologic Technician 2nd Class William Farmerie, US Navy.

Piracy atacks continue to threaten the shipping industry despite substantial international efforts and self-protective measures. Good policies and effective responses depend on solid data. Piracy data has been systematically collected since the 1980s. Even so, different reports measure different things and come to different conclusions on trends. This not only raises the question of whether and how such data could be harmonized, but also whether the data collected meets the needs of all users. Are law enforcement agencies, the shipping industry, security analysts as well as the general public getting the right information?

A recent report by Stable Seas / SafeSeas on ‘What we know about piracy’ provides a systematic overview of how data on piracy is collected. In this webinar, the report’s author, Lydelle Joubert, will highlight insights from the research with commentary from leading stakeholders and experts.

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