Human Intelligence as a Component of Maritime Domain Awareness

human intelligence better maritime domain awareness and maritime security
A patrol boat provided to the Philippines by Japan. Photo: Japan Coast Guard

Stable Seas recently released an article via the Center for International Maritime Security on how human intelligence could play an important role in the development of maritime domain awareness, particularly in resource-constrained states. The article describes the potential of information gathering from civilians at sea and in coastal communities to make maritime law enforcement operations more effective and efficient. It also outlines a variety of policy options for improving the use of human intelligence in maritime security including steps for building cooperative relationships with coastal communities and the development of clear reporting structures for civilians who observe suspicious activity. By building cooperative information-sharing relationships with civilians, maritime law enforcement entities in resource-constrained states can be better equipped to more effectively address a variety of maritime crimes and the utilization of the maritime space by violent non-state actors. 

The full article is available here: